KBank unveils “Super Value Home Loan Festival” to boost property market – offering special interest rates and high loan amount with promotion for dining and shopping of up to 2,400 Baht




    imgKASIKORNBANK (KBank) has launched the “Super Value Home Loan Festival” – a promotional campaign to spur spending in the property market after the easing of virus-driven restrictions. Focus is on consumers dreaming for a home, wishing to reduce their interest burden and seek additional loan or needing cash for consumption while the economy is emerging from the doldrums. Customers are therefore assured of the optimum benefits in applying for home loan with KBank. Under the “Super Value Home Loan Festival”, customers are entitled to special interest rates and high credit lines while also enjoying promotions for dining and shopping to reduce their household expenses and meet their “New Normal” lifestyle needs. Details of privileges are as follows: 1. Home to Cash: Customers who need cash for spending and use their lien-free home to apply for Home to Cash with KBank get special interest rates and high credit lines plus a discount coupon worth up to 1,500 Baht from Tops. 2. Home Loan Refinance:  Aside from special interest rates and high loan amount offered, customers who want to reduce their interest burden and get additional loan by refinancing their home with KBank will get a discount coupon valued at up to 2,400 Baht from GrabFood. 3. Home Loan: Customers wishing to buy a new or pre-owned home receive a discount coupon worth 1,600 Baht from foodpanda.

    The “Super Value Home Loan Festival” is now underway. Customers can get a loan under the program from today until October 30, 2020, with the mortgage registered by November 30, 2020. Interested persons can ask for more details and study the conditions by calling the K-Contact Center at Tel. 02-888-8888, press 887, or visiting https://kbank.co/3g7JYiu