H3 Dynamics Launches H3 Zoom.AI for Smart Cities Pioneering High-Rise Inspections Using A.I. & Drones




H3 Dynamics Holdings announces the launch of H3 Zoom.AI, a new cloud-based and artificial intelligence enabled services platform that connects with camera drones to offer a safer, faster, and more accurate alternative to dangerous, difficult to reach, or mass-scale maintenance inspection activities around the world, improving worker safety, reducing downtimes and improving productivity.

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Artificial intelligence meets building inspections for the cities of tomorrow.(Photo: Business Wire)

Artificial intelligence meets building inspections for the cities of tomorrow.(Photo: Business Wire)

With a first focus on Smart Cities, H3 Zoom is launching Façade Inspector (video), a visual inspection tool that leverages machine learning and drones to transform the way high-rise building facades are inspected and maintained. Façade Inspector by H3 Zoom will be unveiled for the first time at the 2018 World Cities Summit – Singapore Pavilion (Booth S30) on July 9-11.

As new regulations call for an increase in inspection frequencies while the amount of buildings continues to grow, H3 Zoom’s Façade Inspector addresses the scalability challenge by introducing a fully digitized process that can scan a high-rise building within minutes instead of weeks, while avoiding gondolas and improving worker safety. H3 Zoom’s AI engine can sort through thousands of HD images and billions of pixels to precisely identify, qualify, and localize different types of defects, which are then represented through interactive inspection reports.

Industry professionals can now log into H3 Zoom.AI, find the building elevation maps they are familiar with, see a summary and of defects found by severity and by type (surface cracks, paint peels or corrosion marks and other defects), all of which can be visualized as an overlay onto the elevation maps. The interactive nature of the solution offers users the ability to “zoom” into any of the HD images that captured the identified problem. Each defect description also comes with a severity grading which the AI engine has learned over time from expert inputs.

H3 Zoom’s Façade Inspector was successfully test-bedded in Singapore as part of an Innovation initiative led by JTC, the country’s leading commercial real-estate infrastructure developer, under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The solution slots into an extremely precise and existing engineering workflow, making it easy for contractors, building owners and facilities managers to gain an immediate benefit from AI technology.

Mr Mark Koh, Group Director, Facilities and Estate Management, JTC said, “We are proud to partner with H3 Zoom.AI to provide the research, development and testbedding support required to pioneer this innovative solution. We hope that new technological solutions like this can enable the Facilities Management sector to achieve more efficient operations and a safer working environment.”

H3 Zoom was put to the test on several JTC properties, including the landmark buildings in the one-north district such as Fusionopolis, Biopolis, Ayer Rajah Crescent, as well as a diverse collection of building structures of varying types.

Additional H3 Zoom launch partners (video) include Singapore Land Authority as well as IBM, with whom H3 Zoom has been working with on a number of new developments – to be announced shortly. “We’ve understood that successful AI-services will be task-specific, use-case specific, and vertical-specific. H3 Zoom.AI will turn each of these specific processes into digital equivalents for easier adoption” said Shaun Koo, co-founder and CTO of H3 Zoom Pte. Ltd.

Offered as a cloud-based subscription service, Façade Inspector is also available as an API so that further integration between smart city stakeholders can be supported. This also opens the possibility for completely new service opportunities for thousands of inspection services companies, contractors, real estate developers, owners and operators.

H3 Zoom Pte. Ltd. http://www.h3zoom.ai/

H3 Zoom is a cloud based and AI-powered digital services platform that addresses specific infrastructure maintenance use cases across several industry verticals. The platform will feature a range of digital subscription services that feature automated anomaly reporting systems based on visual, thermal or chemical sensor inputs gathered by drones and a variety of other remotely operated sensor robots.

H3 Dynamics Holdings Pte. Ltd. http://www.h3dynamics.com/

H3 Dynamics, parent company of H3 Zoom.AI, is a holding company with businesses that combine cloud-based artificial intelligence / machine-learning data services with internet-connected, automated inspection & monitoring robots and drones so that data collection in the field, data transfer and data processing can be fully automated end-to-end. H3 Dynamics is a Singaporean company with a European subsidiary in Paris France, a US subsidiary in Austin Texas, as well as representation in Japan and Brazil.

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