Toshiba New General Purpose Multi-Output System Power IC Realizes Large Current and Lower Noise Drive



Toshiba Corporation's (TOKYO:6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today launched "TC7739FTG,” a general purpose, multi-output system power IC equipped with DC-DC power supplies and serialized regulators. Mass production will start at the end of this month.

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Toshiba: a general purpose, multi-output system power IC "TC7739FTG" with DC-DC power supplies and s ...

Toshiba: a general purpose, multi-output system power IC "TC7739FTG" with DC-DC power supplies and serialized regulators. (Photo: Business Wire)

As tablets and other mobile devices boost processing speeds, they require power supplies for low voltages and large current drives. They also require multi-application power supplies, and must also reduce noise to compensate for downsizing of PCBs.

Toshiba’s new multi-output system power IC offers a high efficiency, large current drive with 2-ch DC-DC converters, 4-ch serialized regulators for noise reduction, and 1-ch load switch. Each DC-DC converter drives with a different oscillation frequency, reducing the switching noise peak. The ability to change output voltage and the rising sequence through the I2C bus ensures the IC can support diverse applications.


Information devices such as smartphones and tablets

Main Features

Step-down DC-DC converters (2 ch) + LDO (4 ch) + Load SW (1 ch)

Configurations of output voltage and sequence through I2C bus

Small package: QFN32 (5×5 mm)

Main Specifications

Product name TC7739FTG
Control I/F I2C
Input voltage 4.5 V to 5.5 V
Package QFN32: 5 × 5 (mm), Pin pitch: 0.5 (mm)



ch1: 1.05 V (initial value), 2 MHz, 2 A (max)

ch2: 3.30 V (initial value), 1.5 MHz, 2 A (max)



ch3: 1.15 V (initial value), 0.7 A (max)

ch4: 1.50 V (initial value), 0.6 A (max)

ch5: 1.80 V (initial value), 0.2 A (max)

ch6: 3.30 V (initial value), 0.06 A (max)

Load SW Input voltage range: 3.0 V to 3.6 V

ON resistance: 62 mΩ (typ.)



Over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current limitation, under voltage protection for power supply, and thermal shutdown



End of December 2016

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