Yamato Transport Co. Ltd.: Commencement of International Cool TA-Q-BIN for Thailand



– Deliver Japan’s fresh products in fresh condition! –


Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yamato Holdings Co. Ltd. (Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan; President: Yutaka Nagao; ‘Yamato Transport’ hereafter), will start International Cool TA-Q-BIN, a door-to-door frozen and chilled delivery service for small parcels, from Japan to Thailand on Monday, April 17, 2017, following the service available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Sales driver of SCG Yamato and the truck for delivery (Photo: Business Wire)

Sales driver of SCG Yamato and the truck for delivery (Photo: Business Wire)

1. Background

In recent years, the visa exemption for Thai visitors to Japan has led to the increasing numbers of tourists from Thailand every year and the popularity of Japanese cuisine. Targeting customers who seek for the real taste of Japan, various Japanese restaurants have expanded to Thailand. Together with the health promotion measures by the government, residents in Thailand are becoming more aware of health care, leading to the growing demand of the secure and high quality food ingredients from Japan.

On January 3, 2017, SCG Yamato Express Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Bangkok, Thailand; President: Yoji Hamanishi; ‘SCG Yamato’ hereafter), funded by YAMATO ASIA PTE. LTD., a subsidiary of Yamato Holdings Co. Ltd., started both domestic TA-Q-BIN and Cool TA-Q-BIN in the country as the first frozen and chilled delivery service in Thailand.

Yamato Transport has expanded International Cool TA-Q-BIN to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia in these years for speedy and high quality frozen and chilled delivery for small parcels, with the effective utilization of Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub and cooperation with Okinawa Prefecture and ANA Cargo. The commencement of service for Thailand will contribute to the expansion of Japanese agricultural and marine products’ exports and accommodate the need of Japanese cuisine in Thailand.

2. Features of International Cool TA-Q-BIN from Japan to Thailand

(i) Pickup available throughout Japan, delivery starts from one shipment

Shipment pickup by sales drivers or drop off at TA-Q-BIN service centers throughout Japan, it is possible to send just one parcel with International Cool TA-Q-BIN service. As the size chart of Cool TA-Q-BIN for both Japan and Thailand is the same, parcels can be sent easily on a daily basis to Thailand and expand business opportunities in the country, where Japanese cuisine is with rising popularity.

(ii) All-day pickup, earliest delivery available two days later

Through international speedy transport by the utilization of Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub with 24 hours customs clearance, SCG Yamato sales drivers will be able to deliver parcels to stores or customers’ home in the morning two days later as the earliest.

(iii) High quality door-to-door international frozen and chilled delivery for small parcels

Parcels will be transported to Thailand by air freight refrigerated containers owned by Yamato Transport. Transport within Thailand will use cool containers owned by SCG Yamato. Through Yamato Group’s network, Japan’s fresh products will be delivered to customers in Thailand in fresh condition by door-to-door frozen and chilled transport.

Flow: from pickup in Japan to delivery in Thailand (Graphic: Business Wire)

3. Commencement Date

April 17, 2017 (Monday)

4. Transport available areas, service levels

Outbound area

Cut-off time

Delivery area

Scheduled delivery date/time

Kanto/Osaka/Okinawa All-day pickup Bangkok Earliest two days later(AM)
Hokkaido/Tohoku/ Hokushinetsu/

Chubu/Kansai (excl. Osaka)/


AM pickup


AM drop off

• SCG Yamato opens on Mon-Sat (except public holidays).
• Above service level may not apply to some regions. Inquire your nearest service center for details.
• Delivery schedule may subject to delays due to customs/quarantine.

5. Service rates



Size Parcel size Weight International TA-Q-BIN rates Additional fee for cool TA-Q-BIN

International Cool TA-Q-BIN rates

60 Within 60cm

Up to 2kg

2,050 JPY

+4,000 JPY

6,050 JPY

80 Within 80cm

Up to 5kg

3,450 JPY

+8,000 JPY

11,450 JPY

100 Within 100cm

Up to 10kg

6,450 JPY

+12,000 JPY

18,450 JPY

120 Within 120cm

Up to 15kg

10,950 JPY

+16,000 JPY

26,950 JPY

• Other charges may apply such as customs duties.
• Size 60: total length, width and height should be 60 cm or less and total weight should be no more than 2 kg.
• If parcel size and weight differ, the larger of the two shall apply.

6. Eligible customers

This service is available for corporate customers with contracts with Yamato transport and using shipping label printing system.

7. Plans ahead

We aim to expand our service area to other regions of Thailand and including Japan, activate the flow of parcels between countries with TA-Q-BIN service, becoming Asia’s No. 1 solution provider in distribution and lifestyle support.

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